Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to kill a mockingbird essay

ra Bullock may 15, 2013 How To Kill A Mockingbird Essay Assignment Every person makes choices and lives with the consequences.The main character from To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout, makes choices and lives with the consequences. The three ways that Scout makes choices and lives with the consequences are, she befriends the creepy neighbor from across the street,she makes up rumors about Boo Radley, and she is curious about everything. Scout befriends the creepy neighbor from across the street. Jem and the gang told the racism town that Boo Radley was a creepy man that was a hermit for 15 years. When he was a teen, he was arrested by the county and his daddy picked him up and wasn't seen for 15 years. There was another rumor that Boo come out at night and eat cats and squirrels. . The character that i have picked was Scout because she made a choice about going to the Radley house and the consequence is that Scout made a new friend. They started to do things together. Boo Radley gave the kids presents and putted them into the oak tree and his brother, Nathan commented the hole in the tree. When Scout was sleeping in the Radley residents and Boo gave her a blanket. The kids made rumors about Boo and that he ate cats and squirrels at night. I found out that Mrs Radley lost her money, hair, fourth finger. Boo radley saved the kids from Bob Ewell. Boo was a troubled teen because he was arrested and his father took Boo to home and was never seen for 15 years. So thats how they became good friends.When boo wasateen,hewas arrested by Maycombs county.Boo changed into a hermit for 15 years but all that changed when he met Scout and the other neighborhood kids that is always near his house and playing.


  1. the essay has a great start. I think the best example is how scout befriends boo Bradley. One thing, the essay is really easy to read. some improvement on your paragraph. But all and all you did a great job. A-MYERS OUT....

  2. 1.) The essay starts off pretty well.
    2.) None quotes available.
    3.) It is good at explaining the topic
    4.) It could use some work on punctuation and grammar.

  3. You started of pretty good. But you didn't include any quotes. You also explained the topic very well. But there are some errors with grammar.

  4. 1.)this starts off well.
    2.)there were no quotes.
    3.)its really good at explaining the topic.
    4.)the grammer, punctuation, and you need quotes.

  5. 1. starts with a general statement quotes in the essay

    3. gets to the point

    4.pun punctuation and spelling

  6. 1. The thesis is a general statement.
    2. Theirs no quote in this essay.
    3. It gets to a point in the story.
    4. You need to fix you spelling grammar and punctuation. & you need a quote at least one!

  7. 1)He starts his essay with his intro.
    2)One quote that stood out is that kids made rumors about Boo saying that he eats cats.
    3)one thing this essay does well is talk about the story.
    4)This essay could use improvement on it's length.

  8. This essay is really good.

  9. 1.) The thesis of the essay is, that everyone has to make decisions and live with the consequences.
    2.)"When he was a teen, he was arrested by the county and his daddy picked him up and wasn't seen for 15 years" This example shows that Boo-Radley made some bad choices and had to live with the consequences.
    3.) This essay had good examples.
    4.) You could use some quotes.

  10. 1. Sounds like a good essay, told me what is going to be said in the essay
    2. no quotes
    3. you did good, you tried to explain
    4. there needs to be quoted parts in the story

  11. 1) With the topic you chose and why you picked it.
    2)The one about Boo Radley saving the kids.
    3) How you explain one section of the book.
    4) Organize your essay into separate paragraphs ans find real quotes.

  12. 1) saying how every person makes choices.
    2) no quotes.
    3) how he explains the racism going on
    4) use paragraphs and make it longer with more detail.

  13. 1) The beginning was great.
    2) NO QUOTES!
    3)You had different examples to back your statement up.
    4) Use some formatting and add a little more to it.

  14. 1. The Thesis of this essay is everyone regrets a decisions they made in there life and now they have to live with it.
    2. "When he was a teen, he was arrested by the county and his daddy picked him up and wasn't seen for 15 years" This quote shows a decision he know has to live with.
    3.Its a great essay overall just more quotes and more details would be great!
    4. More quotes and details

  15. 1 the thesis is interesting
    2 no quotes
    3 your examples really backed up your thesis
    4 more detail and description

  16. 1. describing what the characters had to do quotes
    3.many examples
    4.more details

  17. 1. It Began with the prompt he choose. His thesis was pretty much saying the person he choose and their consequences.
    2. My favorite one was one About Boo Radley and when he was a teenager and how he got in trouble. It explained how Boo Radley's child hood was.
    3. It does well with talking About Boo Radley and his history.
    4.He could've wrote more and talked about more about the character he choose for the prompt.

  18. 1. this essay begins with a statement
    2. then it has some good details in the middle
    3. this essay also has some good quotes which make the essay better
    4. if there was something that could be added it would be more stuff about the book